• A US-Haiti Collaborative Fundraising Event

    Lekòl Dete 2021: Measurement for Success

    A US-Haiti Collaborative Fundraising Event

    Opportunities for Communities, Inc. (OfC) announces an innovative fundraiser for the 11th Annual Lekòl Dete (“summer school” in Creole)–a program that engages and empowers Restavek students in Les Cayes, Haiti.

    Beginning June 12th–OfC will kick off 5 days of activities both in Haiti and in the US to unite these two communities in one common goal: uplifting the Restavek children in Haiti by raising the funds necessary for OfC’s Lekòl Dete. In both countries, participants will ride bikes, run, walk – or do anything they love to do – in the spirit of Lekòl Dete’s slogan, “NOU TOUT SE YOUN” or “WE ALL ARE ONE.” This reflects Lekòl Dete’s mission to unite Restavek (indentured servant) and free children in a safe and respectful environment to learn, play and grow together in the Les Cayes community in Haiti.

    Anytime over those 5 days in June, you (or your team or family) will bike, run or walk for Lekòl Dete with the commitment of raising $250. You will be teamed with Lekòl Dete students and staff who will also engage in the same type of fun activities. We have purchased inexpensive pedometers to use in teaching the children about measuring distances. “Measurement for Success” will be the Lekòl Dete theme this year!

    After all the fundraising activities are completed, pictures of the US and Haitian participants will be posted on the OfC Facebook page, OfC Instagram, YouTube and the OfC website. There everyone will be able to see and ‘meet’ their teammates participating in various activities in the other country!

    To reach your $250 goal you are free to be creative and to engage others (this is how community is built!)

    • • Invite 5 friends to donate $50 each to support your effort!
    • • Enlist sponsors to donate $1 or $2 for every mile you ride, walk or run!
    • • Share your plan to participate on your social media!
    • • $250 covers the salary of one teacher for the entire 6 weeks of Lekòl Dete, which in turn serves 25 students!
    • • $250 provides 100 nutritious meals – enough for 20 children to have food each day for a week.
    • • $250 covers half the costs of the final day celebration where students go by busses to the beach–for many this is the first time they’ve seen or played in the ocean.

    The event this year will be virtual. It’s up to you how you want to complete the challenge to raise the $250. Although students in Haiti cannot raise the funds, they will be eager participants and team members knowing that they are contributing to the success of Lekòl Dete, the summer event they and their community love. And just think– not only will you be training to get in shape for the summer months and get outside during this never-ending pandemic, but you’ll be improving the future for so many children.

    So, please consider joining us, as “nou tout se youn!”

    Please register by contacting Cyn Kendall by email, FaceBook or Instagram (see links below) so we’ll know who will be joining us on this exciting endeavor. Then send your contribution prior to the event on June 12th. You can send your contribution anytime through Paypal on the OfC website or send a check to:

    Opportunities for Communities, Inc., 260 Lincoln Ave, Amherst, MA 01002