• OfC’s Maranatha School for Restavek Children

    OfC’s Maranatha School for Restavek (indentured servant) Children is nearly complete! We broke ground in October 2014, and by July 2015 the unfinished cement block structure hosted the biggest Lekol Deté (summer school) ever. Nobody cared that walls and floors were unfinished, but the flushing toilets drew a lot of attention as most had never used one! We built 40 rustic wooden benches, and in Lekol Deté tradition, offered a nutritious lunch every day. We now appreciate how important it is for these children to have their own school, and our goal is to finish it! Enrollment in the Maranatha School’s first year in the new school is at capacity with 160 children, and we want to honor them with a safe and stimulating environment.

    School construction continues. Over the Christmas break, our workers finished stuccoing, installing doors, laying floor tile, and wiring. We also began painting the classrooms – we painted the interiors first so the children could return to bright and inspiring spaces.

    You have helped this work greatly, we need to raise just a few $1,000 more to finish it all!

    Also, so the Restavek children can attend tuition-free, OfC pays the 8 teachers $100 per month (10-month school year), and for Lekol Deté. This amounts to $1 per child per week! We know of no better investment. These children long to learn and be free from indentured servitude.

    Please help OfC complete and staff the new school. Your interest motivates our communities, and your generous financial support makes it happen: both are deeply appreciated.

    P.S. Great thanks to Reader to Reader, a fellow non-profit promoting literacy through the gift of books for generously providing French language children’s books, including Dr. Suess, for the Restavek students!! Please check out Reader to Reader at http://www.readertoreader.org


One of the things that excites us is all of the energy and offers we get from you in the community. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, we want to meet you! Please contact OfC's adult volunteer coordinator.

Many thanks to all who have volunteered their time, energy, money! Some examples:

# Kuhn Riddle Architects for donating a design and plans for a new kitchen at the Bon Samaritain School in Les Cayes, Haiti, which houses INSTITUTION MIXTE MARANATHA DE SIMON - the afternoon school for Restavek children
# South Amherst Congregational Church whose generous donation made it possible to construct the kitchen
# Highlander Logo Wear & Trophies (formerly Belchertown Sports Shed) for providing team jerseys for the OfC sponsored football (soccer) clubs, Ouragan FC and Surprise de Bellabe
# St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Greenfield
for collecting LOTS of shoes – which has become a permanent project – and the St. Paul’s High School youth group who sort and package the shoes for transport to Haiti


$5 a month pays one child's tuition at the restavek school where OfC has developed & runs vocational training programs.
$20 can buy 5 fruit trees or 20 pigeon pea plants for the OfC Bellabe village agricultural project.
$75/month will subsidize a teacher salary at the schools we support.

Send your tax deductible* donation to:
Opportunities for Communities, Inc.
260 Lincoln Avenue. Amherst, MA 01002
or Click on the PayPal link to make a secure credit card donation:
* OfC is a 501(c)(3) Public Educational Charity under 170(b)(1)(A)(ii).

matchDid you know many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations? Check with your employer about this benefit.