OfC’s 12th annual Lekòl Dete starts July 4th!
Teacher preparation week (pictures above) went well and there’s plenty of excitement. This year’s program will focus on practical skills that can promote entrepreneurship – as well as the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that Lekòl Dete has supported every year.

Although COVID-19 and political unrest the past several years have prevented the US teams from participating, OfC’s Haitian team – including the teachers, kitchen staff and managers – successfully runs this sustainable and eagerly awaited program year after year. We are especially pleased to have two new and very special teachers who will be instructing the students how to crochet as they craft fun and useful items. We’ll share more about this and all the other activities in our Lekòl Dete 2022 updates. Stay tuned!

OfC Manager, Edilson Thimothe, reports that the teacher preparation week was a huge success: Practices with the Games; from what I have seen and from the testimonies of some teachers, there are games that they finally understood better during this time of practice that they had again. It is a demonstration of the great importance of that week of preparation. I already feel the energy they transmit between them during practices at games and it was exciting for me to see how they’re enjoying that short times!