Meet Timothe Indrik

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OfC partner Timothe Indrik speaks about his image for OfC

OfC would not have so many courses and projects running in Haiti without our extraordinary Haitian partner, Mr. Timothé Indrik.  Timothé’s intelligence, leadership and organizational skills, infectious smile and love for all people make him the heart and soul of OfC’s Haitian program!
Timothé was born in Les Cayes, Haiti, to very poor parents who could not afford to send their 10 children to school.  Timothé, though, loved to go to church, and when he was 9 years old, a woman visiting his Sunday School class asked if he would like to go to school – he enthusiastically answered, “YES!” Soon Timothé was on his way to kindergarten.  He completed primary and secondary school at the Baptist Mission Schools in Simon, the neighborhood in Les Cayes where he was born.

Timothé recently explained how he became so involved with his community and especially the children:

I felt so blessed and wanted to give a response to God for what he had done for my life.  Now I feel called to return home and serve my people and my communities through a retreat center and with other projects.  I give thanks to God who made it possible for us to meet and build that great network which is called ‘OPPORTUNITIES for COMMUNITIES,’ which has already done a lot for my people and my communities. Thank you so much and I really feel blessed through our friendship and partnership.
Thank you.

Tim and sonIn addition to working for OfC, Timothé has more than 15 years’ experience in organizing youth sports programs at the community, national, and international level.  For the last 10 years, Timothe served as Haiti’s representative to the International Sports
Coalition, and participated in exchange programs in Thailand, France and several Caribbean countries.  He has two beautiful children, Edilson, 18 (pictured), and Jessenia, 16.