Institution Miscte Maranatha (Restavek school)

The Institution Miscte Maranatha was begun in 1998 by Headmaster Amos Filius in the Simon haiti jan 2010 188neighborhood of Les Cayes.  The school allows Restavek children to attend class in the afternoons, after the regular school day.

OfC’s initial introduction and discussions began in the fall of 2008.  Timothe Indrik deliver OfC’s first contribution of $200 in February 2009, enabling a new teacher to be hired for the remaining school year and allowing the 3rd & 4th grade to be split into 2 classes.  In June 2009 the kitchen was renovated and proprane was introduced.  In 2011, 200 Haitian students were served in summer school  (Lekol Dete).

OfC is currently supporting 2 teachers (sewing and music) $50 for each teacher/month.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring some portion of this effort, please contact us!


Restavek children are indentured servants, children without parents or abandoned by their parents who are allowed to stay with other families in exchange for labor such as cooking, cleaning and childcare.  See: Restavek