Opportunities for Communities, Inc. (OfC) was founded by Douglas Albertson (Belchertown, Massachusetts Town Planner and former Peace Corps volunteer), David Wintsch (Northampton/Amherst Massachusetts area Young Life Expeditions leader and former high school teacher) and Kenneth Mundt (Epidemiologist and former University of Massachusetts professor); it was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as of January 1, 2009.

The founders, together with Amanda Mundt and Timothe Indrik realized that not only are today’s young people eager to assist with service projects for the poor, but can be change agents. However, the education and mentoring needed to plan and implement effective sustainable development programs are not available through typical school and university curricula. To help fill this gap, this group established OfC.

In its first year, OfC established several on-going courses and related programs mainly in Haiti that provide students opportunities to learn about, implement and test a variety of practical sustainable development approaches. Visit the OfCCourses page to learn more.