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Mission Statement

Opportunities for Communities, Inc.

 Mission Statement

Direct Involvement in Community Education

OfC provides educational opportunities for several communities.  These communities are:

1.  Students of all ages, mainly from our home area of New England and New York are OfC’s primary students.  These are often college and university students, but are also high school students and adults.  Retirees are welcome.

2.  Students in our host communities, mainly in Haiti.  These are mostly children enrolled in schools, but we consider the greater host communities we interact with to also be learners.

3.  The support community at home – these are the adults who support and assist OfC in developing and implementing its programs.  They participate in our programs, support our students, and contribute funding, expertise and services.

OfC’s approach is to involve each community in the educational experience of the others.  We develop and implement courses for our primary students that directly involve them in the host communities.  We also incorporate the support community into our educational program by soliciting expertise from them and by sharing our planning and experiences with them.

OfC develops programs in our host communities that can be sustained by the host communities.  To OfC, that is the definition of sustainable development:

planned activities that enhance the capabilities of communities or groups of individuals to independently support themselves.  While sustainable development projects are initially dependent on outside support, the goal of these projects is for target communities to assume full responsibility for operation, including generating operating revenues, training managers, and sustaining the projects’ benefits to the host community.

OfC’s mission includes collaboration with educational and charitable institutions including universities, colleges, scientific and social research organizations, non-profit charitable and development organizations, and faith-based groups, such as churches.  OfC works to promote cross-cultural friendship and the integration of disparate communities.