About OfC

The Opportunities for Communities, Inc. (OfC) mission is to engage communities through education to generate sustainable development opportunities.

Opportunities for Communities Inc. is a Charitable (501c3) educational organization based in Western Massachusetts that offers experiential learning through sustainable development programs for students primarily in the Northeast US. OfC is based on the concept of linking communities to enhance cooperation and engage partners to generate educational and sustainable development opportunities. We bring together three communities, with a focus on sustainable development:

  • Students of all ages, primarily from the Northeast US
  • Donors interested in contributing expertise and financial support
  • The target community of children and teachers in Haiti

rent to own tools LaVegaOfC students learn about and engage in the planning, execution and management of projects that provide rudimentary economic development potential within the partner communities. For example, OfC students have designed and implemented in LaVega, Dominican Republic, a rent-to-own tool program, learning about the power of micro-lending while enhancing the employability of the loan recipients. We offer vocational training programs for children and young adults in Les Cayes, Haiti, enhancing their skills and employability.classroom

Whether in the US or at an International site, establishing trusting, long-term relationships with communities in which we base our curricular activities is critical to our ability to provide the instruction in planning and implementing effective community-based programs.

We welcome inquiries, so please let us know if you are interested in learning more.